Stacking the Shelves – 17/2/18

So this is the first time I'm doing this meme. I have seen it around a lot and have always been meaning to do it but every Saturday of mine is spent lazing around or being sick (atleast, lately that's been the case!) Anyway, so this meme is hosted at Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books... Continue Reading →


Middle-Grade Books: Ones I’ve read, owned, want because middle grade books are the best!

So you know how everyone has that one book which got them into a habit of reading? Well, for me it was no particular book because I've been reading ever since I remember. But what I do remember is that grade 2-4 was the best reading period of my life because goddamn I read soooooo... Continue Reading →

New Years’ Book Haul!

A little too late for a New Years' book haul, no? But better late than never! You have no idea just how long it took m to write this post. I have been stuck between wanting to  blog and watching stranger things my entire vacations. DUDE SEASON 2 IS EPICCC. Go watch it right nooowwwww!!!... Continue Reading →

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