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Book-to-Movie adaptations I’m excited for in 2019 – bec it’s always fun to see characters come to life

Fun to see characters come live – but also secretly critique on the inappropriateness of the acting??? Or change of dialogues? Or plot-holes??

Aaah, these kind of posts are my favourite to write because I have so much to write! I love love love comparing and contrasting. All kinds. Comparing types of coffee. Comparing types of different book covers. Comparing adaptations, and then ofc characters and their acting! It’s so fun to see how these people will make characters come to life, and also equally frustrating to see bad acting and plot-holes. I feel like such a critic doing that haha. I did one of these posts for The Hate U Give, if you’re interested you can check it out here!

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My 2019 bookish resolutions

A Happy New Year to everyone!!

Last night I was in bed, thinking of everything that happened in 2018 and holy hell I realised the whole year passed by like a tornado!!! I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year ended. It seems not long ago, i signed up for the 2018 Blacklist challenge and very confidently told myself “oh I have a whole damn year to finish these 20 books. Easy scenes” but well, look at me now looking back at the blacklist with an “No way has 2018 ended and I still didn’t make it!!!!”

I have realised that I overwhelm myself with a lot of lists and plannings. This time, however, even though I am going to plan (ofc, whats a new year without resolutions?) I am going to make realistic plans, and whole-heartedly work towards achieving them.

With that said,


“Managing my Goodreads Reading Goal”

My Goodreads Goal for 2019 is once again, 40 books.

Now, that’s only possible if I actually make an active effort to take out atleast an hour out of my day to do my reading. So, I have decided that I either wake up 30 mins earlier than usual (depends on how early my classes are for next semester) or I read for an hour after dinner. I have made a January timeline, ticking off days where I’m reading an hour after dinner-time.

If I manage to do this for most of January, my reward will be: I can order a new book! (LMAOOO)

steinfield (4)

“Read more Classics”

I made this really cool “Classics to Read” printable for myself which i have pasted on my dorm room wall. I know, I know they are like a lot of classics for me to finish over the year, but if I manage to read atleast one classic per month, I’ll be done with what….12 classics??? That’s pretty much fine, considering I have a British and Irish Fiction course next semester, so that will also cover Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Yikes!!

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“Reading Books I already own” 

So I suffer from this thing which I’m sure is strange to none of you, and that is, “The Disease of Book Hoarding.” With love for books and exquisite book-covers comes this affliction too, but well, it isn’t good. I have around 87 unread books but I still have my eye on that one book which is on the bookshelves of the bookshop that I’m trying not to go to. I mean how many will I buy?????? (Please for my sanity don’t answer, this is just rhetorical)


I am not buying another book until I read atleast 10 books I own. 10 seems like a fair number for the deal.


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“Finish the Harry Potter Series (books + movies)”

Yeah, I think it’s high-time I do this. I have read till Prisoner of Azkaban so I think finishing the series would be do-able? I’ll also do a book vs the movie series so stay tuned!! (I am raising everyone’s hopes so high, I really hope I am able to commit to it)


steinfield (6)

“Post twice a week on the blog.” 



So that’s all for my resolutions for the year!

QOTP: Are there any resolutions that you want to stick to?



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Being MIA, Important decisions, and how much I missed blogging!!


I am back from my long long more-than-a-month unexpected hiatus! In the earlier days of my blog, i used to wonder how people can stay missing from their blog life for more than a week. I mean, if you’re not reviewing books so what?? Just post randomly about anything!

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This week in Literature (13th-19th Aug)

Hey guys! I’m back with another weekly update on the literary world.

Lavender Illustrated Product Label

34445772   Image result for a river of stars   Image result for the winter of the witch  Image result for surviving adam meade

Image result for the looking glass janet mcnally   Image result for bring down the stars by emma scott  Image result for blind kiss renee carlino  Image result for How to Breathe Underwater

Trust me, there are waaayyyy too many to list down here and I’m just feeling too damn lazy to copy paste em all. I picked out the covers i loved of hahahaha. Kinda how i usually select book lmao.


Lavender Illustrated Product Label (7)

So I’m almost halfway through the book and I’m loving it! I love the drama that revolves around the elite classes, the hilarious banter on the dresses of the middle class people and the petty issues all the people in the book basically have. It’s like reading a Chinese version of Seventeen Magazine, except that the writing is witty, classy and superbly done.

The movie is ofcourse, filmed with ludicrous extravagance and colorful dynamism by Jon M. Chu, the man behind buzzy, disposable delights like Step Up 3D and Jem and the Holograms. The setting (Singapore) and the ensemble cast (which doesn’t feature a white actor after the first scene) are breaths of fresh air, but so is the fact that Hollywood can still churn out a winsome family rom-com when it wants to.

More over, after the directors turned down Netflix’s 7-figure pay-day from Netflix in order to air the movie on a big screen shows that they are clearly not going for money or fame but actually want to break the Hollywood stereotype and want this movie to be a big break for movies with an Asian cast. Considering that the stakes for CRA are crazy high, it’s phenomenal that the movie is going on theatres and giving out a much larger message.

The movie came out 2 days ago on the 15th of August in Canada. (I don’t know if it’s out yet in other parts of the world though). I personally, can’t wait to watch it!!!


In an interview, when asked why Gillian Flynn’s female protagonists have such disturbed personlaities, she replied she wanted it exactly that way. She was tired of seeing the “chick-lit” way of girls getting the guys and living happily ever after and wanted to break the archetype. Flynn is now a producer on the HBO series and wants to write about dark, complex characters. She admits that “Gone Girl” opened a door to a wider variety of female characters.

“I sat down to write the opposite. I mean, you never hear Camille (the protagonist) in Sharp Objects, talk about her show-wear. The girl we see is battling with her demons from her past – including her fraught relationship with her mom.”

Piece of advice: “If you think there’s a women not talked about enough in literature, just write it! That, to me, was the whole point.”

And personally, that’s some really wise words Flynn!!!

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Novelist Sir VS Naipaul, who won the Nobel Prize in literature, has died aged 85, his family have said.

Sir Vidia, who was born in rural Trinidad in 1932, wrote more than 30 books including A Bend in the River, An Area of Darkness and his masterpiece, A House for Mr Biswas.

His wife, Lady Naipaul, called him a “giant in all that he achieved”.

She said he died at his home in London “surrounded by those he loved, having lived a life which was full of wonderful creativity and endeavour”. (source: BBC)

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The honorary titles of “State Author and Poet” are bestowed every two years as a way to celebrate reading, writing and the arts. This year, in Albany, the Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that Colson Whitehead will serve as state author and Alicia Ostriker will be state poet.

Whitehead is a novelist whose most recent work is “The Underground Railroad.” He will succeed former state author Edmund White.

Image result for Colson Whitehead

Ostriker has written 16 poetry collections, with her latest titled “Waiting for the Light.” She takes over from former state poet Yusef Komunyakaa.

Related image



That’s all for now guys. I’m heading off to sleep, university has started and the good-ol-days of lazing around have just ended. (sad sniffs)

-See ya’ll later!!!

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This week in Literature (6th-11th Aug)

Hi guyss!! I’m here with some really really exciting idea for a weekly post. So this isn’t going to be your usual weekly meme where we talk about top 10 things or Goodreads Monday, even though we all know those are my favourite kind of posts. But sometimes I just crave for a little something different, you know, and after a lot of thinking and brainstorming I have come up with this kickass idea of sharing news and gossips about literature and drama.

It’s supposed to be like a newspaper, except that it doesn’t include all the boring talks about electricity shortages, politics or some street crime. Its going to be solely literature where I will very briefly discuss what’s going on in the literary world; from authors to new book releases and book-turned-movie adaptations to just about anything literary. How about that??? I love to keep myself updated with literary news usually, so it would be awesome to share those little snippets with all of you as well!

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Image result for dance of thieves   Image result for the last best story   Image result for the everything girl by L.Maleki   Image result for good luck with that kristan higgins   Image result for rust and stardust   Image result for the other side of lost   Image result for as dust dances  Image result for it seemed like a good idea at the time book  35820010


Image result for not so nice guy  Oh boy, you have to read this synopsis because it is hilarious AF!

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As you all know the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Literary Prize is the UK’s only literary prize given to authors who have a flair for wit, sarcasm and laugh-out-loud moments in their books. Unfortunately this year, the Wodehouse prize was rolled over after the titles submitted for the prize failed to evoke the level of laughter that the Judges were expecting. It also should be noticed that in the past 18-years of the prize, the prize have been given to only 3 women.

“It is automatically assumed that men are superficially more funny and witty than women,” says Marian Keyes, the funny international best-seller who writes about modern women in the modern world, and yet has never been shortlisted for a Man Booker Prize or the Wodehouse Prize.

Pertaining to this issue, the English comedian, actress and the writer of the best-selling “Losing It”, Helen Lederer is launching her very own prize for funny female writers, the Comedy Women in Print Prize (CWIP).  This prize will longlist/shortlist and then eventually award the prize to the best, funniest female writer. The CWIP will offer two awards – a £2,000 prize for published female writers, and a £1,000 prize with a free place on the University of Hertfordshire’s MA in creative writing for an unpublished writer (the university where Lederer herself studied).

The prize will open for submissions on 24 August, with a longlist announced in March 2019, a shortlist in May and the winners unveiled next June.

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So apparently, this is the highlight event of the year in the United Kingdom. This year, it’s running from the 3rd-27th August, displaying a wide array of children and adult fiction. However, the gossip is that a lot of authors that wanted to attend this festival were detained at the airport, or were made to go through lengthy, humiliating checking processes. One of the author was told that he had too much money in his bank account, which looked suspicious for a short-time travelling to UK for a festival. (Huh???)

According to Nick Barley, the festival director, a dozen authors were asked to provide three years’ worth of bank statements to demonstrate financial independence, despite being paid to participate in the Edinburgh book festival, and having publishers and the festival guaranteeing to cover their costs while in the UK. Barley said any deposits that could not be easily explained were used as grounds to deny the authors’ visas; one had to reapply three times due to her bank statements.

A permit-free festival visitor visa is available to artists appearing at 45 approved cultural events, including Womad and the Edinburgh Fringe, which means they do not require a certificate of sponsorship and only have to show bank balances for three months. However, the book festival is not on the list. Barley said that while the festival could apply to be added to the permit-free list, he hoped other festivals across the UK would come together to campaign for a new system. (guardian)

For more details, read the article at The Guardian. 

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I sometimes feel like I’m truly a disgrace to this book community. I mean who doesn’t know about an event which revolves around the purpose of this blog and the bookosphere and something which I truly truly love! Omg now that I realise it, no wonder Book Outlet had a 24-hour sale on their entire stock. DAAMIT!

Anyway, now that i’ve missed the oppurtunity of enjoying the feeling (what was i even doing 2 days ago?!) how about you all share some funny, happening stories about YOUR day??? Another benefit of keeping myself updated with literary news: I get to learn new stuff haha!

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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society

This new Netflix movie is all about how books can bring people together even from miles apart and how a book club kept people safe and sane during the wake of World War II. It starrs the real life Cinderella Princess and Mamma Mia star, Lilly James as a London writer who is struggling to get ideas to write. She exchanges letters with a stranger over a book (how cool!!!) and decides that they should meet.

It’s a very cute movie, but nothing out-of-the-ordinary. The plot seemed to go tooo fast at times. Since I haven’t read the book, I can’t judge the movie too well, but it was more like 5/10 for me. If you all have read the book, as well as seen the movie, comment down your opinions!!


I truly hope guys, that you all are appreciative of this little idea of mine.

If you want to contribute or write your own tid-bits of what’s going on in your part of the world, please feel free to!

Don’t forget to link back so that I equally have the chance to get to know morree. 

Until then,

Happy Reading!


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I worked at a Bookstore – and have found heaven on Earth.

Hello from an over-caffeinated, crazy bookworm!

So guys, I’ll get right to the point and tell ya’ll you can totally have a super-cool, kickass summer even if you’re not travelling for vacations. I mean it’s super sad when all your friends have flown out and you’re left grappling with boredom, right? But my friends,  that’s when bookstores in towns come to help!!!

Naa-ah not for book-buying or reading, but for doing a summer internship! Yupp, that’s right. I did a summer internship at every book-lover’s favorite place, Liberty Books! (For my Pakistani readers) I mean, who wouldn’t love to do that, man. In terms of retail jobs, I’m pretty sure everyone can see the immediate appeal: literary conversations, smart, relaxed customers, being surrounded with books! After spending hours amongst shelves full of Hemingway’s and Bronte’s and Murakami’s and Orhan Pamuks, I used to forget all about the throbbing pain in my head from the air-conditioning or the aching pain in my heels for standing all day long. Because who wouldn’t, after coming out of a literary bliss! So I’m just going to highlight a few tips that I would like to share with ya’ll:

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Fat Books I want to get done with by the end of the year!

This time, since my summer vacations have started, I’ve been on a major reading roll. Like I swear I’ve never read this much in my life. I’m usually a slow reader and get bored easily by doing one thing, but this time I am reading around 5 books at a time (check my goodreads!) and it’s actually been going good.

Just last week, I got this new edition for Anna Karenina and I was thinking to give it a go.

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Sorting into my Hogwarts House + Wand

So I have read Harry Potter finally, and I seem to love it. A LOT. IT’S CRAZY.  I’ve read about the 4 infamous houses, the sorting ceremony, the wands, the spells…..and so of-course begins the dilemma about my Hogwarts house. Lmao.

(Remember the days when I didn’t care about HP or Hogwarts or which house i belonged to? (I didn’t even know all the names!!!) ) And look at me nowww!!! Going obsessive over finding out my wand and house. Huh, time changes.

So, I decided to share my Pottermore sorting experience with all you guyssss YAYY!

Here’s my profile.

I am going to screenshot each question and answer that I select.

Let’s start!

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Spring Break is here: Plans+TBR+ Time for a Buddy Read!

Hello everyone!

FINALLY THE MOST AWAITED TIME OF THE YEAR IS HERE (atleast for me, it’s more like most awaited time of the semester..but moving on.)

I can finally breathe in a whiff of peace and serenity after my long hectic exam week. This is the reason I haven’t been posting regularly, or doing any book reviews but because I hardly got any time.

Anyway, I’ve got so many plans for my peaceful 10 days now. I can’t wait to share it with you all!!!

Things I’m planning to do:

  • I’m thinking to do a 24-hour reading vlog! YIKES. I’ve never done it before, but I’ve seen a few booktubers, namely LillyCreads and LittleBookOwl do it and it’s always very interesting how they’re filming while reading and we are able to see their first initial reactions. (This is very very tentative, btw)


  • Buddy-Read!!!! I have only once buddy-read with someone, and it was a very enjoyable experience. Now that I will have plenty of free time, I would love to do it with any of you guys (all those, reading this hit me uppp!)


  • I’m going to try listening to audiobooks.


  • Read atleast 6 books.


Tentative TBR:

  1. Fates and Furies (physical book) 
  2. The Last Mrs.Parrish (audiobook) 
  3. Gilded Cage (physical book)
  4. Let Me Die in His Footsteps (physical book)
  5. The First 15 Lives of Harry August (kindle edition) 


  • Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 (Yes, I know I’m waaaayyy far behind on GOT but season 3 just became long and drag in the middle soI left it. I’ll have to watch it again from episode 1 tho, to refresh my memory.)


  • Because too much of reading and watching will turn me into a couch-potato, I have decided to go either for a run or a swim everyday for an hour.


Guys, I am genuinely very excited to have been able to come up with a well-documented planned list of all the things I’m going to do. I sincerely and wholeheartedly pray and hope that I’m actually able to achieve all of this.

For now, I think this is it? Going to come back with a book review soooooon! Or a tag. Or a weekly meme. Or a bookish discussion post. Or simply just a post.

Uhh, *sighs* I think I just need sleep atm.




Love, and happy spring!