An English Major from Pakistan, who just can’t shut up when she reads, hence this blog. It was created on a whim when I read this really time-wasting novel and I felt like ranting to someone. So I decided why not share my reviews with the world and save them from reading really trashy books too!


Some fun facts to know about me:


1. I’ve been reading ever since I remember and yet I’m a really slow reader .

2. I do not read over hyped books, even if their premise sound interesting. I wait for their hype to die down to give them a read.

3. I’ve honestly never understood the point of re-reading a book???? Like you already know how it ends, eveyrhing becomes so predictable….then how?

4. Following that ^, I’ve never re-read a book except Pride and Prejudice which made me realise there are VERY rare books which I’ll say I re-read.

5. Favourite genres: Classics and Historical Fiction, most of the time. But I am generally a mood reader. Give me anything and I’ll read it, depending on how I’m feeling.

6. Favourite authors: Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jane Austen, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Robin Benway, Kristin Hannah


How I rate:

5 star – the plot, characters and the setting were all my favourite. It was also based on one of my favourite book themes and I think I might re-read this too in the near future.

4 star – I really liked this book, definitely learned a lot from it, but you probably won’t see me gushing about it. One of the three elements of P, C and S was annoying or didn’t make sense.

3 star – ummm it was fine for a time pass I guess. Either whiny characters or unrealistic story-line was present.

2 star – aaahhhh this book had me rolling my eyes SO hard. Hated it but reading it so I can lowkey trash it

1 star – Trying super hard to not DNF this boring, stupid chunk of whatever I’ve got. I mean, it’s so pointless I don’t even want to review it.

When I’m not reading, you can find me doing yoga, trying out waffles from every cafe possible or binge-watching shows on Netflix! Looking forward to entering the readers’ blogging world and sharing my love for books with ya’ll!

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