I’m a 21-year old first time blogger with an extreme love for books, coffee (except black coffee, because eww) and every random bookish thought. (No fanfiction, please) This blog was created on a whim when I read this really time-wasting novel and I felt like ranting to someone. So I decided why not share my reviews with the world and save them from reading really trashy books too! (I believe life’s too short to read mediocre books. I also believe that not every pulitzer-winning book or the NY Times best-selling novel should be liked by everyone). I give very honest reviews so do not get offended if you find me rating your favourite book as 2 stars Because everybody’s opinion differs. That is what book reviews is all about, right? There is rarely any book I give 5-stars to, unless it is a very well-written historical fiction. (Yes, Historical fiction is without doubt my favourite genre. Oh and Classics too! ) But I do read all other genres as well except rom-coms and horror stories.

How I rate:

5 stars – It’s to the point, engaging, flawless plot and characters. Plot-twist is the deal breaker! I stayed up all night reading this.

4 stars – Really nice book. I’ll recommend and probably read it again sometime.

3 stars – Not too good, but not bad either. Fine for a time-pass. (Pretty sure the problem’s with one of the characters being either too whiny or too stupid.)

2 stars – I JUST CAN’T GET INTO THIS BOOK. Only reading it for reviewing purposes.

1 star – Trying extremely super hard to not DNF this boring, stupid chunk of whatever I’ve got. I mean, it’s so pointless I don’t even want to review it.

When I’m not reading, you can find me doing yoga, trying out waffles from every cafe possible or binge-watching shows on Netflix! Looking forward to entering the readers’ blogging world and sharing my love for books with ya’ll!

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