What I did this month – Books, Netflix and more (Part 2)

Hello Readers!

I hope everyone’s summers are going well and all those on vacations have been catching up on their reading/shows etc. Remember how I talked about the new chick-lit releases coming out in June in my last post?  So I’ve been doing a lot of chick-lit reading and also watching a few chick-flicks on Netflix – because of-course, summers! Hah.

So today I am going to review all that I’ve read and watched, and guys…it is NOT good. Especially, Netflix. I don’t even know what the hell is wrong with Netflix and why it is even producing so many utter nonsensical movies!??

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What I did this month – Books, Netflix and more!

May has already ended WHAT THE HELL. Half of 2019 has already passed by, i have officially become a senior now, Ramadan came and went by ALL IN ONE MONTH?? Honestly, time is flying by way too fast. It seems like we’re in some time travelling machine which is set on super fast speed. It will be 2020 in 6 months, guys. 2020. Aaah.

But anyway. It is what it is.

Moving on to talking about my month, it was an amazing month both in terms of reading and blogging (maybe moreso towards the last week of May). Also I know I’m late in posting my wrap-up, but I had Eid festivities going on and was really busy in that.

I pretty much neglected my blog this year around because of the constant load of studies, but once my vacations started I promised myself I would work on that and change it. So this post will be a quick summary of my month: books I read, shows I watched, my goals for the next month etc. Brace yourselves people, this will be longggg.


Books I read (1)

Image result for mrs dalloway     Image result for words in deep blue     Related image

Wow, just realised my May was really diverse in terms of genre. I read a classic, a YA Contemporary, a fantasy and a non-fiction. *pats my back* Good work, eh?

Mrs. Dalloway: When someone says feminism and stream-of-consciousness in the same context, you can’t help but instantly say “Virginia Woolf!” This book was in my list of classics to read and finally this semester I had to read this for one of my courses. The writing is brilliant! The stream of consciousness thing is done so well, you cant stop reading honestly. The amazing part is that this book takes place over a span of one day. ONE DAY ONLY. And its amazing to see how the thoughts of each person unravel over the pages and the two people who never meet in the story are least likely to be linked are the characters that are the most similiar. It is honestly an amazing read and if you’re looking into strong female writing, look no further!

My Rating: 4/5

Words in Deep Blue: This was definitely a cute book. It features people who love reading, love stories beginning from bonding over books, setting is a bookstore and hidden love letters between books. Doesn’t that sound like a book-lovers dream???? This whole premise just made the love in the book so enticing.

However, there are other parts to it and there is sadness. Death-kind sadness. I usually don’t like sad books, but the way the story deals with it is really nice. The feelings of the characters just consume you. Which brings me to the characters, aaah love the character development. From the very start, it felt like I already knew the characters you know? The letters hidden in books for other characters basically tell you so much. Plus, one thing that I REALLY appreciated was that the side -characters did not just exist for the purpose of being diverse, or giving love advises or to add up to the MC’s lives. The side characters had stories and lives of their own. Every character in the story served a purpose.

But aah problem: The first 100 pages are really slow, nothing is happening and it sort of got monotonous for me. ALSO. It was v predictable sort of. Maybe this is just me, but i like stories which prove me wrong and i had guessed the ending of the book before i had even read half of it.

So even though i loved the setting and the characters and the over-all plot, I just feel like it wasn’t something out of the world, but it is definitely a book that every book-lover should read because WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO DATE SOMEONE WHO READS SO MUCH??

My Rating: 3.5/5

Every Heart A Doorway: OH BOY THIS WILL BE MY FAV FANTASY SERIES. I really really really hope it gets made into a movie because damn that would be so brilliant! This book is perfect in every way: plot, narrative, characters, twist, and oh don’t even get me started on the world-building. A definite 5/5 rating! 

Read my full review here!


Books I read (2)


This was the first time I started watching a show without reading reviews on it first and I’m glad I did. I was really in the mood for some dystopian/thriller and this show provided me just that. The story-line was good and even though there were a few flaws in characterization and the plot, over-all it was a fairly good show.

Read my detailed review! 

My Rating: 8/10



This movie was umm….a ride. The narrative is superbly done, filming is amazing, acting is also umm…8/10. The setting is Shanghai, which is very rare to see in movies these days and I loved it! However, the basic message they were trying to portray didn’t come off as well and I felt like the topic over-all, could have been dealt with better.

But over-all the movie was a 7/10 mainly because of the narrative and cinematography.

Read my detailed review!



Yummy Mummies


Related image    Related image

Oh Boy this show was hilarious!!!! It is basically a Reality TV Series which focuses on the lives of 4 pregnant Australian women. The series ends with one of the girls crowned as a “Yum Mum” – a mum who is equal parts glitzy, glamy as well also a good mom.

I know at this point you’re probably thinking what the hell was wrong with me to watch something like this, I mean who could have this much amount of free time in their lives???? It’s unbelievable that this series even got renewed for Season 2 HAHAHA. But trust me, it provided such a laugh ohmygod. I was rolling my eyes half of the time – both with annoyance and disbelief – i mean, DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE ARMANI MILK BOTTLES FOR INFANTS???

Their world is full of Range Rovers, Versace Baby Showers, Celebrity hairdressers (who are also good husbands and fathers) and the 10-episode series serves for perfect laughter, amusement and a glimpse into the lives of Australian rich bitches.



Books I read (3)


Reading Goals:

🌸 Read 2 ARC’s

🌸 Read 2 E-books

🌸 Read 2 books from my shelf


Blogging Goals:

🌸 Do a Discussion Post

🌸 Post a book review every week

🌸 Post a movie review every week – which means posting twice a week

🌸 Work on my new blog design

🌸 Arrange my Goodreads Shelf




That’s all for this month. I hope you all had a good May and happy reading/watching/chilling for the summers!!! x

June will be the month of Chick-lit releases // Books I’m excited for!

Holy Moly, it’s June already!!! Which marks half of 2019, what the hell?? Listen, it’s freaking me out how time is flying by tbh. It’s like we are traveling through a time machine which is just moving very very very fast.

IT IS JUNE AAAH. Let me digest that.

<over dramatic much?>

But hey hey hey, June also means summers!!! And summers calls for??


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July Wrap-Up: it was definitely a good reading month!

Oh woah woah woah. July is already here, which means two months of vacations went by. WHAAAAAT? I swear time is flying by so quickly, i mean what even. I’m not done resting and being lazy, I don’t think I’m ready for a new semester just as yet.

But this month has been comparitively really good and productive, reading-wise. With me, i’ve always blogged more than I read and usually try to finish books faster so I could review them. But this time, I finished around 2 books a week and actually had NO time at alllll for reviewing. I’m so faaaarrr behind on my reviews, it’s crazy. But i did keep updating my progress on Goodreads, so maybe check that out?!

Anyway, let’s get to it:

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Wrapping up the month of May!


Like just yesterday I posted a 2018 TBR plan and this morning I wake up and bham! IT’S MID 2018!!!! What is happening, guys? Unbelievable. Time should stop. And right now. Because it’s summers and summers call for lying in bed, tonnes of reading, watching chick-flicks and eating desserts! And right now, I’m having ALL.OF.THAT.

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A Confession and August Wrap-up!

Hello guys! How’re ya’ll?

I have a confession to make. Something that I’ve only just realised. Actually, I knew it, I just didn’t want to admit it. But I feel like blogging is about being honest, so that’s what I should be. You know, I’m not like those average book bloggers who read around 10-11 books a month and have a goodreads goal of 150-200 books! Damn, that’s fucking crazyyy. Even if I have all the time in the world I don’t think I could ever complete that goal. (I can still call myself an avid reader, ok? No further comments. )

I believe in reading books at my own pace, gradually enjoying and analyzing them. So for me, it’s like either I will go months without reading books or when I finally do start reading, it’s like the entire world is on pause and all I care about is my book and coffee. On top of it, I have to juggle with the thousands and millions of tv shows and movies and surfing on the internet! (for books haha!) Seriously, all I ever do in my free-time is browse through goodreads for more books or amazon where I keep filling my cart upto 10 books and then closing the tab out of the sudden realization that I can’t afford that many books at once! *sighs*

So with my confession out of the way..

I decided to change my ways and take part in a reading challenge, yeah? Read-a-thon August. You can find it on my blog here. So okay I made this whole list of books I wanted for the challenge and actually went out to buy them…….but guess what?




Aha! Yup you’re right. I OBVIOUSLY did not end up reading them all. Pfft, typical me! Instead I made it a point of trying to start and finish every book that was NOT part of the readathon!! (I sometimes doubt my state of mind. Following rules is one thing that makes my stomach ache….until I break one of them)


Anyways, so before you guys stop reading my BS, I’ll list my august reads:

  1. History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

I read a quarter of this book only. I promise you I am not going to DNF it because then I would be the target of hate in the bookworld. Lol. Just kidding, I don’t really care. (Ofc I care, I’m just trying to act all cool pfft) So basically, this book isn’t going anywhere. I feel like it’s just stuck between Jackson’s and Griffin’s interaction. So I decided to take a break from this and start something…less depressing. But I WILL continue this, I prpmise! I honestly want to give this a chance.


  1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

To break from the sadness of HiAYLM, I decided to read this chickflick, It wasn’t a part of my readathon btw. It was a quick, light, cheery read and got me searching for all those wonderful places in France where Anna got to go. Also, I LOVE the name Etienne St.Clair. But I disliked him, because he was a lying, dumbass cheater. I will upload a review for this soon. Maybe next month kinda soon. Lol.


  1. Red Queen

Another read which wasn’t a part of my readathon. I decided to read this due to the lack of reading ANY series at all. I liked it. It was a 3/5 for me. Checkout my review here.


  1. When Breathe Becomes Air

This was part of the readathon where I had to read something out of my usual genre. So I chose a memoir. I read half of it and left it. It was sooooo slow. Just don’t think I’m going to be picking up any memoir anytime soon. But another friend of mine read it and she really liked how the book was shaped towards the end, so I’m gonna give this a try again.

  1. The Ocean at the End of the Lane

This was an e-book that I had. The story has got a nice start and I would have continued it if it wasn’t for my stupid eyes. I got an infection and the doctor told me to minimize my use of phones or ebooks. So I will continue it once I get the paperback version of it. I will read it though, I’m in no way DNF-ing it.

  1. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

Another read which wasn’t a part of the readathon. But I was generally excited to read this book because it’s about schizophrenia. Read the goodreads synopsis here if you don’t know about it. In addition, I saw a post where abominablebookgirl wanted to read this book too so we decided to buddy-read it! It was a disappointing read for me, though. Like 2/5 disappointing. I was expecting sooooo much! If it wasn’t for my buddy, I probably would have DNF-ed it. But I didn’t and I’m glad, because something happened towards the end which was THE ONLY engrossing part of the book.

  1. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Another read which was not part of the readathon. Hahaha see I told you, I didn’t follow the readathon at all! I haven’t completely finished this book because its technically still August but it will be counted as my August read, ok? I’m done with 50% of the book and honestly it’s so drag, boring and like…ugly. I don’t mean the bad-looking kinda ugly but the story has nothing to keep the readers engaged except long-ass descriptions about weird places. I’m still going to finish it though because I don’t want this to be a month of DNF books. No No No. Nope not happening. I’m gonna finish this, I’ve got this.



So basically this month has been a month of shit books. Ugh and I hate it. Because I have university starting from September and it will be HUGE if I even manage to read 4 books! But, I will obviously try. I already have a lootttttttt of books in mind for September TBR. (Hint: It’s going to be all fantasy.) Gonna do a book-haul soon. Soon. Yes, I’ll keep telling myself that.


See you guys next time! Take care and no judgements. xx