What I did this month – Books, Netflix and more (Part 2)

Hello Readers!

I hope everyone’s summers are going well and all those on vacations have been catching up on their reading/shows etc. Remember how I talked about the new chick-lit releases coming out in June in my last post?  So I’ve been doing a lot of chick-lit reading and also watching a few chick-flicks on Netflix – because of-course, summers! Hah.

So today I am going to review all that I’ve read and watched, and guys…it is NOT good. Especially, Netflix. I don’t even know what the hell is wrong with Netflix and why it is even producing so many utter nonsensical movies!??

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June will be the month of Chick-lit releases // Books I’m excited for!

Holy Moly, it’s June already!!! Which marks half of 2019, what the hell?? Listen, it’s freaking me out how time is flying by tbh. It’s like we are traveling through a time machine which is just moving very very very fast.

IT IS JUNE AAAH. Let me digest that.

<over dramatic much?>

But hey hey hey, June also means summers!!! And summers calls for??


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TV Show Review: Netflix’s “The Society”(Spoiler-Free)

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s been doing good.

For all of those who have been following me on Twitter and Instagram may be aware that I have been thinking for a while now to also review movies and TV shows, occasionally. I was also thinking to revamp the aesthetics of my blog for that – the thought is still under consideration – so i might eventually end up doing it or not, i ain’t sure of that. But one thing that I’m perfectly certain of is that I am definitely going to be reviewing shows and films.

Hence, my first post on a TV show – TA-DAA!

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New Years’ Book Haul!

A little too late for a New Years’ book haul, no? But better late than never! You have no idea just how long it took m to write this post. I have been stuck between wanting to  blog and watching stranger things my entire vacations. DUDE SEASON 2 IS EPICCC. Go watch it right nooowwwww!!! Will is so adorable! Also, should I watch Dark or The end of the Fucking World next???

Moving on, I got some exciting reads this new years. Most of them are kindle editions though. I wouldn’t have had a problem with that if it hadn’t been for thse gorgeus covers for some books bec I would really love to own phsyucal ediitons of those.

So keeping this post short, my reads are:

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction   Image result for bedlam stacks

   Genre: FictionImage result for crazy rich asians book

Genre: Short Story Collection
Image result for men without women haruki murakami


Genre: Fiction, Romance, Psychological Fiction, Contemporary Romance (oh wow thats a lot!)

And that appealing title and cover!!!

Image result for the littleparis bookshop

 Genre: Historical FictionImage result for the miniaturist

Genre: Thriller, Suspense (seriously? It sounded so historical!) Image result for the library of shadows

Genre: Bildungsroman, Fantasy Fiction 18166936

What the hell is Bildungsroman? Is it a spelling mistake?? Is it supposed to be romance but then what is bildungs…? Let me Google.

Oh shit, it is actually a legit word! In literary criticism, a Bildungsroman is a literary genre that focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood, in which character change is extremely important.

Oooooh righttt. Well, I’ve heard quite a lot about this one and this whole bildungsromance thing sounds pretty rad, tbh.


Have you guys read any of these books? If yes, let me know what you think! 

P.S Also please suggest books/movies which have characters who are book-lovers or love reading etc. (Already know about Gilmore Girls so leave that out).



Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss

Title: Anna and the French Kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Date Published: 2nd December 2010

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

My Rating: 2/5

I’ve finally forced myself, literally forced myself to write a review for this one. Writing this at 5 am lol.

This book is a very typical chick flick kinda book. If it was made into a movie, it would be one of those Disney channel teen original movies:

new awkward girl meets hot smart guy who every girl has a crush on, he is dating but never realized that his girlfriend wasn’t perfect until he meets the new girl…..the school’s hottest richest girl also happens to swoon over the cute guy and is also mean to the new girl, but cute guy doesn’t give a shit. 

Ring a bell? Ahaan, that’s because the scenario is exaaaactly like that of teenage chick flicks.

So first off, along with a common cliche troupe of a love triange, this book has insanely under-developed, annoying characters.

  • Anna is just stupid. She comes to an American School in France and wondering if people here knew english? Like hello, you’re in an AMERICAN school. Ofcourse, people understand english here!
  • Her friends, Meredith and Rashmi, are basically non-existent throughout the book except for sitting with her at the breakfast table. We don’t know anything about them, except that they are her friends. And Meredith only appears when she wants to make a comment about Etienne. That’s it. You can’t see any friendship developing gradually or anything. So, basically non-existent.
  • Yes, Etienne has got that whole dreamy-cute-boy thing going on, but basically he is out with Anna most nights, sleeps in her room, kisses her, WHILE HE IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ELLIE. I’m sorry but that is not acceptable. He is cheating. And, yeah that’s pathetic. I love his name, I love his looks, but sorry his actions are not justified.
  • Can I please say again that Anna is really really annoying? Why does she care about guys so much? All of her troubles in the book are honestly, about either Toph back home, or Etienne in Paris. And guess what? She wants the best of both worlds. Ugh, drama queen. Oh, and she is so judgemental about Ellie. She didn’t even meet her or speak to her and yet, she hates her. I honestly don’t like girl-on-girl hate especially over a guy. And dude, that girl is his girlfriend! She has a f*cking right to be possessive. GOSH!!
  • Oh also! Anna is a major movie freak/critic who owns a movie critic website. But, she doesn’t know that Paris is a city of movie theatres? LOL @ that!


However, however, however, I found myself laughing at the dialogues and actually enjoying the cheesiness. I wanted something light, fun and cheery to read. Something that would take my mind off things, and this book actually did that! It did make me smile quite a few times, and the fact that it is set in France! IN PARIS! Aaah! If this wouldn’t have been the case, I probably won’t have enjoyed it as much as I did. Stephanie Perkins was very good with her descriptions of all the places where Anna went to in the book and I actually found myself googling all of those places and re-reading certain paragraphs.

So can I please share a little bit of my excitement of these wonderful places I would like to go on a trip with my friends, on my honey-moon, on my baby-moon, and also for a french cooking course? (Yes, I have everything sorted out.)


 Point Zero: where Etienne takes Anna on her first night in Paris and asks her to make a wish. 

99c724e4943a8c7d11bb6cc1721665c9 St-Etienne-du-Mont : Etienne calls this “his” church. 

pantheon-rome-4  The Pantheon: The place where there was a crypt underneath of famous people. Anna and some tourist guy got into an argument because the guy was making fun of Etienne when he couldn’t climb the flight of stairs. (wow i still remember!)

24879098421_504841ca72_c The very famous bridge of Notre-Dame where Anna first finds out Etienne’s fear of heights.

And now my personal favourite: 

Image result for shakespeare and company

This very amazing Shakespeare and Co bookstore from where Etienne gifts Anna the poetry book by Pablo Nerudo. A book-gift is totally sweet. (Point for Etienne!)


So! There it is. Even with the faults and everything, I kind of enjoyed the book because, well, FRANCE! Duh. Also, I think maybe I kind of smiled more because I was reading History is All You Left Me before this and I was in a very depressing state. So a chick-flick was exactly what I needed.


For those who haven’t read this if you guys want to have a light, fun read…then def pick this up. Otherwise, there are so many better books out there lol.And for those who have read it what do you guys think of the book? (Ofc, you love it. Majority of you do!) Have you read other parts of the trilogy? (THIS IS A TRILOGY. WHY? I FAIL TO SEE THE POINT OF CHICKFLICKS BEING A PART OF A SERIES.) But you guys can still give me your opinions about it, I will be happy to hear them!

Take care, and no hate xx