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Heyy ya’ll!

Hope you all have been doing fine. It’s Mid-April, which means it is almost the end of the semester so the pressure to deal with classes, quizzes and papers is overwhelming. It is also like April already, like jeeeez time is literally flying by. This month I have been having a relatively good reading month, owing to my classes which have weekly novels and papers to write. Hence, I was like why not share my reading experiences?

So I decided to do WWW WEDNESDAY Post which ishosted by Sam @ Taking On A World Of Words.  It’s a great way to share what you’ve been reading! All you have to do is answer three questions and share a link to your blog in the comments of Sam’s blog.


What are you currently reading?


Image result for if beale street could talk book      Image result for the lives before us    Image result for portrait of the artist as a young man


If Beale Street Could Talk: So I started reading this book for a course of mine where we have to compare books and their literary adaptations. I really wanted to do The Hate U Give cuz i have already uploaded a movie/book comparison here as well but then I was like no, how about do something new? I’m glad though, esp after Regina King aao won an Oscar for this movie.

The Lives Before Us: So I got this ARC from Netgalley and it is actually my very first arc that I’m reading for this year. It’s a historical fiction about two women (my favourite POV’s) and the setting is Shanghai, something which is not talked about a lot in historical fictions. I am through with 40% of the novel and so far it’s nothing outstanding, but let’s see how it turns out to be till the very end!

Portrait of an Artist: This is also for my course on Irish fiction. I am 6 chapters into it (the book is huge!) but the narrative is pretty interesting. This has made me realise how much I love character-centric prose and this book is all about character development of Stephen Daedulus. (Plus so much witty symbolism, I’m loving it.)


What did you finish reading?

Image result for every heart a doorway

Every Heart A Doorway: Oh I super duper loved this book! It’s short, to the point, dark fantasy, character-centric and brownie points for references to Alice and Narnia! Definitely reading Down Among the Sticks and Bones. See me gushing about this book in detail.


What will you read next?

Image result for mrs dalloway    Image result for down among the sticks and bones

Mrs. Dalloway: Haha this is again for my class next week. We are doing Irish authors with a special focus on stream of consciousness and apparently when you hear “Irish” and “women” in the same sentence, all you think about is Virginia Woolf. So I’m really looking forward to reading this book!

Down Among The Sticks and Bones: I am definitely reading this next week. It’s short so it will take me like, 3 hours to be done with it? (Hopefully) but yeahh, I’m reading this next week and gushing about it again!!

That’s all for my WWW Wednesdays. I’m doing this meme after such a long time and it’s only now that I’ve realised how truly fun it is! Like it is always so refreshing and productive (atleast for me) to talk about books I’m reading and what I think about them and this meme just so accurately summarizes all your bookish feelings in a post!

Link down below with your WWW Wednesdays. I would love to strike up a conversation on your reads. ❤️

Happy Reading, ya’ll! And Beale Street review would be coming soooooon🎞📚

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