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My 2019 bookish resolutions

A Happy New Year to everyone!!

Last night I was in bed, thinking of everything that happened in 2018 and holy hell I realised the whole year passed by like a tornado!!! I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year ended. It seems not long ago, i signed up for the 2018 Blacklist challenge and very confidently told myself “oh I have a whole damn year to finish these 20 books. Easy scenes” but well, look at me now looking back at the blacklist with an “No way has 2018 ended and I still didn’t make it!!!!”

I have realised that I overwhelm myself with a lot of lists and plannings. This time, however, even though I am going to plan (ofc, whats a new year without resolutions?) I am going to make realistic plans, and whole-heartedly work towards achieving them.

With that said,


“Managing my Goodreads Reading Goal”

My Goodreads Goal for 2019 is once again, 40 books.

Now, that’s only possible if I actually make an active effort to take out atleast an hour out of my day to do my reading. So, I have decided that I either wake up 30 mins earlier than usual (depends on how early my classes are for next semester) or I read for an hour after dinner. I have made a January timeline, ticking off days where I’m reading an hour after dinner-time.

If I manage to do this for most of January, my reward will be: I can order a new book! (LMAOOO)

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“Read more Classics”

I made this really cool “Classics to Read” printable for myself which i have pasted on my dorm room wall. I know, I know they are like a lot of classics for me to finish over the year, but if I manage to read atleast one classic per month, I’ll be done with what….12 classics??? That’s pretty much fine, considering I have a British and Irish Fiction course next semester, so that will also cover Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Yikes!!

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“Reading Books I already own” 

So I suffer from this thing which I’m sure is strange to none of you, and that is, “The Disease of Book Hoarding.” With love for books and exquisite book-covers comes this affliction too, but well, it isn’t good. I have around 87 unread books but I still have my eye on that one book which is on the bookshelves of the bookshop that I’m trying not to go to. I mean how many will I buy?????? (Please for my sanity don’t answer, this is just rhetorical)


I am not buying another book until I read atleast 10 books I own. 10 seems like a fair number for the deal.


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“Finish the Harry Potter Series (books + movies)”

Yeah, I think it’s high-time I do this. I have read till Prisoner of Azkaban so I think finishing the series would be do-able? I’ll also do a book vs the movie series so stay tuned!! (I am raising everyone’s hopes so high, I really hope I am able to commit to it)


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“Post twice a week on the blog.” 



So that’s all for my resolutions for the year!

QOTP: Are there any resolutions that you want to stick to?



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8 thoughts on “My 2019 bookish resolutions

  1. I feel like the ‘read more classics’ challenge has been one of mine for the last few years. It bugs me that I have to set this challenge because at one point I read nothing but classics and apart from a couple I can’t stand, I really like them. I think what I might do is keep a classic on my bedside table for nighttime reading that way I can have my fantasy/sci-fi/high action book during the day and have a more relaxed and slow book at night so my brain can switch off.

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    1. Oh whaa really? I wish you find dozens of good bookstores, bec you will realise Asia is a lot more expensive as compared to Europe when it comes to books! I’m from Pakistan so you’re now my neighbour haha


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