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Podcasts are my new obsession this winter!

Hi all! The title of my blog should really be, “the MIA blogger”, I swear. I try so hard to post every once in a week, but I am always drowned in readings, assignments and my very happening theatre life. And every once in a blue moon when I do get a long weekend due to some chance blessing God bestows upon me, I choose to spend it either binge-watching Gilmore Girls and FRIENDS or ofcourse, listening to hours and hours of podcasts.

Therefore, I apologise for my lack of posts on this utmost forgiving platform of book bloggers.

So now that you have considerably decided to let my laziness and irresponsibility go, Let’s dive into my new obsession with podcasts!!!




I’ll tell you why podcasts > blogging/reading has become the norm of my life.

One thing always stands out to me when it comes to listening to podcasts is, that I get to listen to people discuss specific topics within a restricted amount of time, and because it’s mostly guest speakers talking about their experiences, struggles or something they love, it is very informative and fun to listen to. It’s like watching National Geographic or CNN but with all the banality removed.

There are podcasts of all kinds: News-based, TedxTalks, fiction stories, business and cultural insights; basically something for everyone.

If you want to ever give podcasts a try, listen to the ones down below. These are some of my personal favourites, and I hope you enjoy them!


Narrated by Aaron Mankhe

Lore is an American anthology which talks about frightening history behind common folklore. All of the episodes are unique and 17-35 minutes long, each addressing a different tale rooted deeply in myths and folktales. From the origin of the phrase “Saved by the bell” and the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to talking about the Salem Witch trials in 17th century France, Aaron Mankhe makes each one of these episodes extremely interesting and eerie to listen to.

Lore earned the “Best of 2015” from Itunes, and in 2017, Vallhala Entertainment developed a short television series which goes by the same name. Although not all the podcast episodes have been adapted to tv episodes, the ones which have been adapted are wonderfully executed by combining documentary footage and cinematic scenes to tell horror stories and their origins.

It’s a must watch guys, you won’t regret it!!!


Imaginary Worlds


Narrated by: Eric Molinsky

This should be a must-listen podcast for anyone who’s looking to talk about their favourite fantasy movie or novel. Eric invites various guests over and dives deep into the world of fantasy and science fiction with them. From discussing famous fictional worlds of Harry Potter and Hunger Games, to talking about long-running genre tropes of ‘Saving the Girl’ and ‘Sexy Robots’, imaginary worlds is an intriguing series that goes beyond the surface-level coverage of the genre.

What makes this podcast unique from all the others is, that it isn’t an extended interview or a talk-show style podcast. Instead, he mixes his reporting, clips, and interviews to form a nicely packaged story. For example one of his episodes, “Then they Fell” where he talks about immersive theatre (I never knew such a thing existed!!!) and shares his experience through a series of videos that he made when he went there.


The Allusionist


Narrator: Helen Zaltzman

This podcast speaks to the word nerd in everyone. Ranging from 15-30 min episodes, a lot of the questions are about the origins of a phrase, or why some languages are ignored and the difference between British/American accents and spellings (that personally, is my favourite topic to talk about)

Notable Episodes:

82- A Novel Remedy: Which book do you read to make yourself feel better? And why does it work? A clinical psychologist and a linguist talks about how patients in post-WW1 Britain were soothed by Agatha Christie novels.

78- Oot in the Open: Imagine you are born and raised in a household speaking particular language but then you go to school and that language is banned. Speaking that language will have physical and psychological repercussions – this my friend, is the predicament of the Scots language.

68- Curse Soup: Stephen Clews, manager of the Roman baths at Bath, shows us the curses that were sloshed around amongst people when they wanted to vent out their anger or frustration on someone. (This one’s a pretty funny and interesting podcast to listen to when one of your instructors’ is being irrational lol)


Lit Up

Image result for lit up podcast

Narrated by Angela Ledgerwood

The description of the podcast, on the iTunes Podcast, describes “Lit Up” as a sanctuary for people crazy about books, stories and the literary life. Angela Ledgerwood, talks to the world’s most provocative thinkers and writers about the power of stories, the importance of literature in 2018, and why they’re compelled to create the work they do.

Lit Up is also about pushing the boundaries and revealing the messy and complicated – rarely talked about – parts of what it means to be human. No topic is off the table and no conversation is too weird, too personal or too controversial. There have been writers like Mohsin Hamid talking about immigration and life in Pakistan and Anna Patchett, the writer of “Bel Canto” opening up about what inspires her fiction.