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Three Bookish Things Tag

Truth be told, it’s been ages since I’ve done a tag and I had this one poorly written with more than 3 answers for every question waiting to be edited in my draft, so I decided why not post this at 6 am in the morning because I have no classes at all today!!! (Rare satisfaction you get in university)

I’m lowkey tryna say that I don’t remember where I saw this tag so have got no-one to tag but if you’re reading this and I commented on this tag of yours, I LOVED THIS TAG AND THANKYOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS.


Plot_ (2)

Haruki Murakami: I can gush about his Norwegian Wood for paragraphs, but klet’s not dive into that AGAIN. Read my book review here and fangirling about him here. But no seriously, the story, plot, themes and the characters are so relate-able that I hardly think there is going to be a college student out there who reads this book and doesn’t end up falling into the vicious hungry-wanting-more-Murakami cycle.

Victoria Schwab: This person writes like magic!! Seriously, have you read The Savage Song??? she makes it totally doable for Young Adult books to be best-sellers WITHOUT EVEN A TOUCH OF ROMANCE. Zilch. No forced love triangles or anything of the sort. Amazing.

Robin Benway: Oh, Far From the Tree was an absolute delight! When I read the book, I couldn’t believe it was a debut novel because it was so well-written! Amaze. Blown away. Goals. I want to write like herrrrr.

Plot_ (2)


Umm, every Nicholas Sparks movie ever? lol. I don’t think I have it in me to read ultra-tragedic novels.

The girl on the Train : ok so basically I read like quarter of a book. It was all descriptions and nothing actually happening for the major chunk, so I thought I might as well just watch the movie.

Vanity Fair: I really wish I had read the novel first because I somehow feel that the movie ended really abruptly. I had so many unanswered questions in mind and the conflicts were solved almost too easily. But Reese Witherspoon did a good job so applause for that!

Plot_ (3)

Midori from Norwegian Wood, ofcourse. I’ve never found a character THIS relatable!

Elizabeth Allen of The Naughtiest Girl Series by Enid Blyton. No matter how old I grow, I think I’ll forever look up to the bold, bad, brave girl! You know how there are some characters who leave such a profound effect on you, and you don’t even realise it until you re-read the book and get so soaked up by the positive energy radiating from the book and the characters that YOU.JUST.CAN’T.EXPLAIN.

Joaquin from Far from The Tree. He is an absolute sweet-heart!


Plot_ (4)Image result for one tree hill

Thing is, I don’t binge-read. Ever. Binge watch shows on Netflix, suurreee. Like all the freaking time, but never binge-read loool. So I’ll just tell you the shows I binge watch, yeah?

Ofcourse, F.R.I.E.N.D.S tops the list anyday, anytime. I can watch friends 24/7, 365 days of the year and never get tired!

I have binge watched White Collar a lot! Just love the quirkiness between Neal Caffrey and Agent Peter Burke, and the wittiness with which Caffrey solves all the cons. The greatest con-artist-turned-fbi-agent-assistant is a show you all need to see!

And lastly, ofcourse, One Tree Hill. Who hasn’t binge watched this teensy dramatic show? It is as dramatic and cheesy as it could get, but I still fall in love with Haley and Nathan everytime I watch it.

Related image    Image result for friends tv show

Plot_ (3)Image result for here we are now jasmine warga   Here we are now by Jasmin Warga will top this list any-day. I can’t understand what makes people so crazy about this book. I also don’t understand why children reconnecting with parents has become such an emotional issue for readers. If you want to write about such topics, atleast make it realistic enough for people to relate. *rolls eyes*. Read about why I dislike this book so much here. 

Image result for the fill in boyfriend  Oh boy, this was another not very favourite of mine chick lit. Full of stereotypes, cliche tropes (talk about falling for fake-boyfriend-turned-real and “you’re not like other girls” stuff) this made me go like “wtf no way am i still reading this” BUT GUESS WHAT? I DID AND TILL THE WHOLE DAMN END.

My Rating:2/5

Image result for everything everything Ugh, dont even want to talk about this. THAT ENDING WAS INFURIATING. Check out my review here! 


Plot_ (4)

Ok this really can’t be three, man. I’m dying inside!!!

Image result for moonlocket   25925784    Image result for this adventure ends

Image result for language of thorns   Image result for crime and punishment penguin

Man, there are so so so many book-covers I’ll give my life for. But I can’t think of any atm. Aaah, sorry folks, it IS 6 am ok.




 What are some of your favourite book-covers or unpopular bookish opinions??? Chat with me down below! xx



6 thoughts on “Three Bookish Things Tag

  1. The Girl on the Train was kinda boring, and the movie wasn’t better either in my opinion. Ugh I loved The Naughtiest Girl series! I do not really relate to the main character though, cause I was a goody goody nerd back in school :”)


  2. Aww SO many gorgeous covers! I’m definitely with you for Language of Thorns and This Adventure Ends. *heart eyes* And I also was pretty mad at the ableism implied in Everything Everything…so disappointing! AND YAY WHITE COLLAR!! I’ve only seen Season 1 but I need to get back to it because Neil was great and so slippery and snakish. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha OMG you’re a real person who checks her blog and replies. Dammit my excitement stems from the fact that you’re the first blogger I knew of who turned into this amazing ass author, got her books published and I thought maybe you’re now like too busy for anything and omg your reply is the best thing happened to me today!!!! ❤️

      On a separate note, I’m so happy you’ve seen white collar. Please continue wth season 2 and 3, they’re the ultimate best!!


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