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Being MIA, Important decisions, and how much I missed blogging!!


I am back from my long long more-than-a-month unexpected hiatus! In the earlier days of my blog, i used to wonder how people can stay missing from their blog life for more than a week. I mean, if you’re not reviewing books so what?? Just post randomly about anything!

But now that I’ve finally had time to open my blog, I realised I was MIA for more than a month!!!! And honestly, that’s the longest I’ve been away since I started my blog. And it’s hitting me, that I didn’t even know where all this time went by. Caught between university, orientation for Freshmen (I was the event head yikes!), juggling between changing my major from Econ to….you guessed it (or not), ENGLISH, I’ve been super duper caught up.

I can’t wait to tell you all about this major change I went through in my junior year! And let me tell you guys, that it’s never too late to do something you love. I’ve been studying economics for the past two years and I was struggling and utterly miserable with it. (But I guess the prospect of being a money-earning corporate slave was better than being creatively unemployed, huh? Lol jk, i hate corporate everything) But was it worth it? I used to think endlessly about it. What if I do become a big-shot corporate worker but just hate doing the work and the life i love?? Was that what we all are supposed to do? Is money important than creativity or happiness?

So finally, the staying-up-all-night endless grappling with stuff I didn’t understand became too unbearable for me. I had taken English courses where we read and discussed Austen books, analysed Flannery O Connor, studied about different writing styles and every-time I left those classes, there was a smile plastered to my face. A smile of achieving something, of learning more and of doing something I loved. But my Econ classes? Ugh. I slept through them all, didn’t understand a word I was studying even if I tried and naturally, my GPA fell too! I thought, ok Urooba, it’s time to make a decision. I asked around my friends too and even though I didn’t get a lot of support, I realised that at the end of the day, not everyone can be satisfied. What matters is how happy I am with my decisions. This was the first time I solely did something for myself, going against what everyone else was saying, and it gave me such an unexplainable kind of pleasure and independance. I mean I know it’s a very small thing to be happy about, but its the significance of the insignificant things that are true pleasures of life.

All this time, I was waiting to tell my blogger friends about this change, because I knew if nothing else, I will definitely get support from my similiar, creativity-loving kickass readers!


Apart from this, I feel like for the month of October I’m going to make a conscious effort to post. Esp my “This week in Literature” news series that I started.  Wait for Sunday ya’ll, more news is coming your way!!!

Also, since I’ve been gone for so long, PLEASE GIVE ME BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!

Rom-com and something light will be appreciated more, but really anything well-written will be good to go!


-See you all next time, amigos xx 


4 thoughts on “Being MIA, Important decisions, and how much I missed blogging!!

      1. i went on basically a months-long barely interrupted hiatus and now am back-ish??? i’m doing well i had a Weird few months but now i’m back on wordpress and lovin it. how are you????

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